All Bonuses

All Around Awesome (20 points) - be the first team to turn in photos of your entire team at every checkpoint (verification: photos)
All Wet (10 points) - Take your picture of your whole team in a swimming pool (verification: photo)
Artsy (10 points) - Show up at the judges table wearing a 2009 Atlanta Arts Festival t-shirt (verification: judged)
Atlanta OG (20 points) - Bring back the most alleycat spoke cards from any races (verification: spoke cards)
Bacon (15 points) - have one person on your team eat a pound of bacon for the judges at midnight (verification: judged)
Baller (25 points) - win polo tournament (verification: Bob informs)
Baton Bob (25 points) - Get your picture taken with Baton Bob (verification: photo)
Battle! (20 points) - Stage a battle between pirates and ninjas in the Elliott St parking lot (verification: judged)
BBQ (10 points) - Photo of half your team eating food at the 2009 Atlanta BBQ Festival (verification: photos)
Beer Gear (10 points) - Chug a beer at Gear Revival bring empty cup signed by mitch (verification: cup)
Bolt (20 points) - Fastest Male Lap (verification: tracked)
Break Fast (15 points) - Bring back the best breakfast for volunteers once the sun is up (7:20am) (verification: judged)
Chess Master (15 points) - Get a picture of you playing chess in Woodroof Park (verification: photo)
Chocolate Mustache (15 points) - Bring back a Chocolate Mustache from Dr Bombay's and do a trackstand with it on your face for the judges (verification: judged)
Citizenship (100 points) - Get your picture taken with a Mayorial Candidate (verification: photo)
Civil Rights (10 points) - Get your picture taken at Dr. King's house (verification: photo)
Commutester (20 points) - photos with most number of bike related signage (verification: photos)
Danica (20 points) - Fastest Female Lap (verification: tracked)
Deliverance (25 points) - Ride your ass up to the Hamilton Mill Outback and return with schwag (verification: bag of schwag)
Do Your Turn (25 points) - Man a volunteer station for an hour (verification: judged)
Drunk (5 points) - Get the shot at Elliott St (verification: reciept)
Educated (20 points) - photos of the same person on your team with 5 different college campus entrances (verification: photos)
Elvis (10 points) - Get a picture of half of your team in the Elvis Room at The Star Bar (verification: photo)
Famous (20 points) - Photo with the most number of people looking at the camera (verification: photo)
FM OG (25 points) - Bring back a spoke card or flyer from every FM 24 race (5 races total) (verification: spoke cards)
For Honor (20 points) - Stage a medival battle with another team in the Elliott St parking lot (verification: judged)
Frenchie (10 points) - Photo of half your team at the Arc du Triumph (verification: photo)
Goldsprints (30 points) - Fastest Gold Sprints Time (verification: winner)
H1N1 (25 points) - Bring confirmation that one of your teammates has (or had) swine flu (verification: doctor)
Hero (25 points) - play a game of Guitar Hero in the Elliott St parking lot (verification: judged)
High Roller (20 points) - bring back the largest paid tab from any of the checkpoints (verification: judged)
Huffy Challenge (25 points) - ride supplied $20 craigslist bike for a lap (verification: judged)
Hula Hooper (15 points) - win bike tube hula hoop contest - 8pm at the registration table! Bring your own tube (verification: judged)
Inked (25 points) - Get a tattoo of your (or a friends) design commerating the race (verification: judged)
It's In The Genes (15 points) - get one of your parents or children to do a lap with you photo at every checkpoint (verification: photos)
Jacks (20 points) - Bring back a receipt for over $20 from Jack's Pizza in Old 4th Ward (verification: judged)
Jerry (10 points) - See the Jerry Springer show at the Fox and turn in used tickets (verification: ticket)
Jimmy! (100 points) - Photo of you and Jimmy Carter (verification: photo)
Knotted Up (15 points) - Complete the Knots quiz at Gear Revival (verification: signed sticker)
LOL (10 points) - Turn in an unused ticket from Comedy Explosion (cancelled event) (verification: ticket)
Low Roller (20 points) - Turn in a receipt from spending $100 at any fast food chain restuarant (verification: receipt)
Making The Rounds (10 points) - bring back receipts from every single checkpoint for atleast $5 (verification: receipts)
Mechanic (20 points) - Find mobile sag (Eric N on big dummy) and fix a flat tire (verification: Eric informs)
Mustachio (20 points) - Win the mustache competition - be at the judges table at 5:00pm on Saturday to present your mustache! (verification: judged)
No Brakes Chug (5 points) - Chug a beer at No Brakes bring back the can signed by a No Brakes Staffer (verification: signed can)
NSFW (20 points) - most photos of semi-nude strangers (verification: photos)
Obama (20 points) - Get a picture of you and an Obama lookalike. Closest lookalike wins (verification: judged)
Off Road (20 points) - be the first person to complete a lap on a full suspension mountain bike (verification: judged)
OTP (5 points) - Get your photo taken with an I-285 sign (verification: team + photo)
Paper Airplanes (15 points) - Turn in sunday service handouts from 5 churches (verification: papers)
Polka Dot (35 points) - Be the king of the mountain and win the pokla dot jersey by winning the hill sprint! 2:00am meet at registration table! (verification: event official informs)
Polo Player (5 points) - Play polo at the polo mission (verification: Bob)
Poop (25 points) - bring back a paper bag full of dog poo (verification: bag)
Pretty in Pink (20 points) - Photo of you in a Pink Kit at AVX doing whatever Richie says (verification: photo)
Protect and Serve (15 points) - Get a picture with you your bike and an Atlantic Station security guard (verification: photo)
Rats! (20 points) - Bring back a dead rat (verification: dead rat)
Represent (10 points) - team banner atleast 3feet by 6feet hung up at Elliott st in the race area (verification: judged)
Rock Star (20 points) - Get a picture of you singing Karaoke in a bar (verification: photo)
Run To The Border (25 points) - receipts from 10 different taco bells (verification: receipts)
Screwin Around (25 points) - Midnight Corkscrew Mission - Be at the corkscrew at midnight to complete this mission (verification: crushed sparks can signed by event official)
Squoat (15 points) - bring back a photo of a goat and a photo of a squid both with a team member in it (verification: photos)
Sweet (10 points) - Go get pint glasses from Sweetwater (verification: pint glasses)
Sweet Fixed Gear Trick (10 points) - Photo of you doing a sweet fixed gear trick with NoBrakes in the photo (verification: photo)
T-Rex (10 points) - photo of a team member with a T-Rex (verification: photo)
Tall Boy (25 points) - stockpile more empty 16+oz alcoholic beverage containers (verification: bottles)
Tattoo Sprint (25 points) - Tattoo Sprint - win 4am sprints at MLK Drive - Male and Female winners each get $100 ink from Only You! (verification: host informs)
The Distance (20 points) - Most Male Laps (verification: tracked)
The Distance (20 points) - Most Female Laps (verification: tracked)
The Rock (25 points) - Picture on top of stone mountain (verification: photo)
Tikki (10 points) - photo of you upside down in a tikki bar (verification: photo)
Transit (5 points) - Take your picture of your whole team on a Marta Train (verification: photo)
Trickster (25 points) - No Brakes Tricks Comp hosted by Death Pedal - test your skills at 6:00pm at 406 Woodward Ave (a house slab down the street from No Brakes). Winner takes home prizes and points for his/her team! (verification: signed sticker fom Death Pedal)
Unicycle (10 points) - Successfully ride a unicycle at Gear Revival (verification: signed sticker from mitch)
Varsity (5 points) - Photo of half your team wearing Varsity hats at The Varsity (verification: photos)
Vger (20 points) - Most Team Laps (verification: tracked)
Wee One (15 points) - Get your picture taken in a park with someone else's kid with both of you making crazy faces (verification: photo)
Willie Terry (25 points) - Get your picture taken with Willie Terry (verification: photo)
You went where? (5 points) - Come back with a receipt from the clairmont lounge (verification: receipt)
Zombification (20 points) - Bring a team member back after experiencing Zombie Transformation Chamber at Dance of the Undead at Graveyard Tavern (10pm-2am) (verification: judged)